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My name is Glen Kenney, from Nederland, Texas. Born and raised a farmer in Muleshoe in the Panhandle, but have been oil field trash most of my life. I'm a Process Supervisor for a refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. I posted here a few times as Glock Jock , but I couldn't remember what forum I was on, so I dropped the handle, kept the real name.

52 years old, married to the lovely and patient Edith for the last 17 years. Together we have 7 kids, and 9 (maybe 10 by now, day's still young) grandkids. Mo st of the kids are on their own, but what's left is enough to keep me broke. Hobbies include learning to barbecue, pistol shooting sports, and woodworking. Most of the time though, I'm busy watching the aforementioned grandkids play soccer, karate, and softball.

Been grilling some kind of dead animal on various grills most of my life. Discovered joy of barbecue about a year ago when a buddy shared the secret. Secret of barbecue is that you can't do anything but tend the fire. No cutting grass, pa inting eaves, or honeydos. You do nothing but sit at the smoker, listen to music, and drink beer. I LOVE to barbecue!!

My pit is a 20" diameter Lyfe Tyme with offset firebox and a vertical 20" by 36" smoking section. (Poor boy's Klose BYC) By practi cing what I'm learning on the forum, I'm slowly starting to do it justice. I'm just trying to impress the friends and family, so if I meet you on the circuit I'll be spectating.

Thanks for the tips. I've learned a lot, but then, I have a lot to learn !