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Well my name isnt on the regulars list so Ill list it here .
My name is Jim Creager and I am a professional firefighter in Harrison Ar. (hog country) Married 15 years 2 kids. I cook on a smokin pit pro but have plans to build my own small trailer to pull around. I have been cookin for almost a year now and still not satisfied with what I want but Im damn close. The guys I am on shft with tell me that theyll be my test dummies anytime I want them to (the morons will eat anything). I (knock on wood) h avnt made any bad Q yet just some is better than others. But Im a learning. I also have a landscape -lawncare bussiness of my own. My hobbies are work work and work. but occasianally I like to hunt and fish. My motto is if you cant kill it you cant grill it. Remember PETA IS people eating tasty animals. Jim