Posted by Darcy on June 23, 1999 at 14:32:50:

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Darcy Hicks, Cookson Oklahoma, 43yo & divorced w no kids ( except three horses ). I've been BBQing for approx 20 years, weapons of choice are a Okla Joes offset ( I don't know the model, it's an old one, 14' or 16" diam x about 4') and a 30"x 6' I had ma de years ago....until tomorrow, when I take possession of my new JR Enterprises smoker/trailer . I am a professional land surveyor, and assistant fire chief in Cookson. I just started competing this last year ( Ring of Fire BBQ Team ) and LOVE IT ! We h ave had limited success so far ( 5th place in ribs ) but we have a hekuva lot to learn yet. Until this last year, I have smoked basically the same way for the last twenty years, but since finding the forum and using the tips , information and recipes my bbq has improved drastically ( not counting the last place finish for my chicken in the last contest....LOL ). Like I said earlier, I am single again, any interested ladies can email me a picture of your horse trailer and smoker. Musical interest include mostly blues, rock & rap please.