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Posted by mikey on June 23, 1999 at 16:52:30:

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I'm Stan Johnson, lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a pretty good while.
Ex-Navy brat (saw what it did to the old man, so I didn't sign up), so
I've lived coast-to coast and been most everywhere in between. I call
northern New Mexico home, found my wife there twenty two years ago. She
handles spending all my money, but gave me two beautiful daughters and
puts up with me, so it all evens out.
I'm an electrical engineer doing programming, control systems, and
project management. I bui ld things for fun, and have done many different
kinds of grills, cookers, and smokers. Current smoker is 24x60 offset
that I built before I found the Forum. Silly me.
Thanks to Ray Basso and everyone else who has shared information, I no
long er have creosote problems, own a Polder(clone), make my own lump
charcoal, and cook GOOD bbq. I hope to do GREAT bbq someday.