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My name is Ted Watson I am 63 years old (a geezer, hence Gezr). Married to the same gal for 33 years. I live in Port Orchard Washington (rain country) but was born and raised in Texas. Therefore I have a born affinity for BBQ. I am a retired USAF navigat or/electronic warfare officer and a retired Boeing test engineer.
My arsenal consists of a Luhr Jensen, Little Chief cold smoker for fish, jerky, etc., An old Portable Kitchen Cast aluminum charcoal grill, a double grill Cookin' Cajun water smoker fo r serious work, and my most recent acquisition, a TEC Patio II gas grill. Yeah, I know the attitude of a lot of you purists, but man does not live by Q alone--at least I don't. I love the stuff I do with steaks, burgers, and small roasts on my PK but for a change, I love a good, well-charred steak and chicken also. Besides, I have been smokin meat longer than most of you have been alive, so I'm allowed! However, I must admit I have not done it as well as I could/should have. The old Cookin' Cajun does a great job on beef and pork ribs and chicken, but I have not been able to do a decent brisket. Since I found this site, I now know why. It is difficult to control the temp on my CC, so I am going to try and modify it so that I can do a brisket and Boston Butt. If I can't do that I will retire it with full military honors and get a WSM.
I am in awe at the field of talent and knowledge on this forum. Not just BBQ, but chemestry, mechanics, thermodynamics ( I usta know that stuff) and a world of other d isciplines. I have learned a bunch and hope to learn more from you great people. My daddy always told me if a person ever got to thinking he knew so much about anything that he could not possibly learn anything from anyone younger, he might as well hang it up--for he was through!
Thanks Ray for this great forum!