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My name is Doug Gripp and I hail from the great state of Indiana. I recently married a gal from Pasadena at our prime ages of 38 who packed her bags and moved to Indy to work with me in my small industrial sales and service business.

Even though I'm new to the finer art of "Q", as discussed in this forum, I've made considerable progress in my first attempts at the real stuff due totally to the forum. Actually what got me hooked on this forum was out of pure necessity. In Indiana, if it ain't deep fried or deep fried and then smothered in white gravy then it's not a popular item on the menu. I dearly love this state but real slow cooked smoked "Q" is non-existent. I love BBQ and I've decided that I'll try to make it myself. This forum has cut y ears off my BBQ learning curve and has given me hope for that BBQ nirvana I keep reading about. HMMMM...maybe Indy could use a real BBQ joint......

Thank You For The Info

Live Long & Prosper Doug