Posted by Jack on June 25, 1999 at 00:09:35:

I'm Jack Rogers. My lady friend, Marcia, of 10 years or so live in Kent, WA. I have been cooking in the backyard for many years, but got into it after attending Paul Kirk's class last year in March.
I cook on 2 - 22" Weber kettles, a Coleman water s moker, a Brinkman 3 1n 1 propane cooker(for when I'm lazy and for deep fried turkeys), a gas grill, and a 20X20X40 Klone BYC with a 20X20X36 upright that we are mounting on a trailer this weekend. Jim Minion and I started competing last year in KCBS eve nts with pretty good success, we qualified for the Invitational at the Royal.
I am self-unemployed as an auto broker. Jim is the fleet manager for a multi line dealership and came up with our competition name of "Cardogs". Some of our fellow competi tors say we should change the name to "Gardogs" due to our smoking preferances.