Posted by Scott in Carolina (Smoke Shack) on June 26, 1999 at 06:37:35:

My name is Scott McDaniel. I'm 37, married with two wonderful little princesses (Kristi and Jennifer) and one "special person" - our family labrador, Brandi. I cook on OK Joe 24" x 52" (appx) trailer mounted smoker, an OK Joe Vertical woodroasting oven ( looks like a Bandera), a Weber 22 1/2" kettle cooker, and a traditional block pit (appx 64 x 48). I just ordered an 8' x 42" trailer-mounted cooker from a gentleman in North Carolina (Ted Darnell - lots of you NC competition fellas would know him). We co ok 6 - 10 competitions a year in Georgia, Alabama, and North and South Carolina. I also maintain the Smoke Shack Barbecue competition page (the address is ). As to paying the bills, I own a small HVAC company in North Augusta, SC.