Who, Where, What?

Posted by Sheepdog on January 18, 2000 at 20:47:44:

This is the profile I'd like posted for me. THANKS!

Name:Ron A.Harwell


Married:Yep! To the same wonderful woman 25 years in 2000

Age:half century in 1999

Residence: downtown, metro Trinity, AL

Occupation:Account Manager for a sales organization selling Printed Circuit Boards

Barbecuing experience: Not nearly enough! Have been grilling since my early 20's, but only started learning about BARBECUING in the past 7-to-8 years. At least I've been learning from some of the best: Paul Kirk, Jerry Roach, Bob Zaban, Ed Roith, Myron Mixon, Gary and Roger Kerce, Doug Feil, Buddy & Mimi Richison, Ray Lampe, Jim Erickson, and various others at each barbecue contest I'm blessed to attend!

Current Equipment:Sporty Porkers Backyar d Smoker, and Cajun Cooker

Equipment Wish List:Klose Backyard Smoker, Kingfisher Backyard Bonanza Smoker, Backwoods Smoker, and of course a Jedmaster Cooker!

Hobby: (You have to ask) Besides having FUN almost all of the time, attending KCBS sanctione d contests as either Contest Representative or Master Certified Barbecue Judge, and making new barbecue friends everywhere.