Who, What, Where

Posted by Stevie B on January 23, 2000 at 18:35:15:

I have been a regular reader of this Forum for the last two years. It is a HUGE help with all questions relating to cooking the "correct way". I'm addicted to Que!

Steve Blake (Stevie B)
Decatur, AL

KCBS Judge - Nashville Shores, Amazi n' Blazin'. Hope to get into Mississippi this year.

Cooking team - The Que Krewe - Local competition at Riverfest (Alabama State Championship). Also wife, Claudia, David & Carol Bolding, Norman & Linda Clevinger, and Bayne & Vickie Vaughan.

Equipment : NB Bandera,NBBD, homemade 50 gal. drum, Weber 1100 gas, Weber kettle. Looking for a WSM within a 200 mile radius of Decatur.

I hope to meet more of you this year. Keep on QUEIN'