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Posted by David Amos on February 09, 1998 at 21:56:41:

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Back round:
I have been doing meat curing or smoking & grilling since I was
about 14 years old.
Now that have retired at the age of 46 soon to be 47 I have more time
to devote to the art of Q-ing.
Married Back in 1970,,, still married to same person.
have two girls and one Grand Daughter,she live in KY. Can't keep shoes
on that kid for nothing.

My first real experience with getting the temp. to high is when I
burned down the 3 ft by 3 ft by 8 ft. smoke house at home.. . Dad was not to
pleased ! ! ! After I rebuilt the smoke house I started to experiment
with 55 gal drums cut in half .. this worked out a little better... more
fire proof.... I started out small with cheap meat like ham hocks and
got pretty good at cooking them. I would use the wood I could get hold
of like oak, cherry, maple, apple.

I advanced through the years using webber kets and and water pan
type smokers, rotis pits, 55 gal drums little smokey joe's
these where great l earn tools and can produce some of the best meat a
person would care to eat. Currently I am using a Okl. Joe Chuckwagon 16
" Model. With this unit I can low temp cure and smoke and cook in the
main body. But rest a sure I still have a couple of Webers around to
take fishing and to the park and some gas grills. I never throw anything away.

Around the town I have used pits to roast hogs and rotis. to roast
beef on the spit.
I have experimented with a lot of different rubs and baste over the
years. Some of the people like the taste and other did not.Anymore I
like to use a nutral baste like honey and beer or Dr. Pepper, 7up.
Then have different types of dipping sauce on the table, but still use a
dry rub on my ribs.

I hope I can add group my know how and to get oppions on the hows and
why we do the things that we do in the art of Q. Q means different
things in different part of the country, and can cause range wars
between section of the country fron the real hard line Q'er on who is
doing it right and why..

Make or break:

I was scared to death the first time I did a whole hog by myself with a
bunch of hungry people standing around wanting to eat.....
At this point you are either a hero or a heal and it bettter be right
and fallen of the bone tender... thankfully it was ... that was back
in 1973..... I remembered what one ole farmer said
" Boy, cook it slow, keep it basted, keep it turning, and when it is
golden and the hog s bites the apple, it is pretty well done." you know
that was pretty good advice.

Hope I can add to the forum and keep on learing

David Amos
Lancaster, Ohio
" Burning the smokehouses down one at a time "