Re: Who, Where and What

Posted by redc1c4 on February 10, 1998 at 11:03:20:

richard c adams
pharmacy tech and Trooper, United States Cavalry
HHT 1/18 Armored Cav CA ARNG.
Los Angeles CA native(actually i live in one suburb, work in another but so what)
been using a NB for about 2 1/2 years, found the forum about 1 ye ar ago.
had a cooker that looks kind of like a BGE in the family since i was
knee high to a grasshopper so i guess you can say i've been q-ing/grilling
for a looooong time(i turn 39 sooner than i care to think).
fond of good food, beer, books , blues,zydeco music, bad jokes and stories.
allergic to BS and stupidity.
repository of many a pithy saying, and witty quote.
slight tendency to verbosity when, really