Re: Who, Where and What

Posted by Hasty-David on February 10, 1998 at 15:24:45:

In Reply to: Who, Where and What posted by Geoff on February 09, 1998 at 18:41:19:

My name is David Alexander. I am a college prof, age 56.

I got better educated in this BBQ stuff about 4 years ago when
my sons became involved with Hasty-Bake. Now they are trying to
make a living making the things in Tulsa and selling them anyw here.

I am a Hasty-Bake fanatic. I'm also pretty biased, for obvious

I've been reading this forum for about a month- sent one message.
I enjoy it a lot- learned a lot. I have been hesitant to
participate since I have a vested inter est. Would that be
unethical? (Excuse me, my intern is on the phone).

Keep on smokin'