Re: Who, Where and What

Posted by Brian on February 10, 1998 at 19:19:56:

Location - Central Texas for 35 years. . . Before attending U Texas - "Go Horns!"
lived all over Canada - father was a fur trader with Hudson's Bay Co.

Cooking Experience : Introduced to smoke cooking by Indian tribe in Northern British Columbia. Have continued to try to perfect my technique ever since. Haven't sent anybody to the emergeny room yet - - may have come close a time or two though! Regularly cook for several events in the area when time permits - cook for jfamily and neighbors regu larly.

Equipment : Weber bullet, 55 gal drum, P-K Grill, custom offset smoker, Char-Broil cooker, Brinkmann smoker, Weber Genesis Grill. (I think I need to have a garage sale!)

Hobbies - fishing, inland lake and off-shore sailboat racing, snow skiin g, and of course Q'uing.

Married to the same understanding gal for 32 years.