Re: Who, Where and What

Posted by Ben S on February 10, 1998 at 19:59:08:

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Ben Setzer
53, married, USAF retired (computer tech)
Hamlet, NC
Currently a computer/network tech for the local hospital.
Originally from Little Rock, Ark where I learned to love good Q.
Bought a copy of "Smoke & Spice" in summer of '94, c aught the smokin' bug and bought a NB Hondo that fall.Smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving that turned out great.
Had to relocate and am just now getting the Hondo fired up again.
I just found out about this forum a few weeks ago and at the insistence of The Judge decided to join in.
This is a great vehicle and I really enjoy what I read here.
Good idea, Geoff
Hope to be at the Tryon event and meet some of you.