Re: Who, Where and What

Posted by Big Hal on February 11, 1998 at 00:36:33:

Real name: "Big Hal" Elliott

Age: Over 50 and going like 60

Occupation: Broker/Owner-LakeProp Realty, located on Lake Travis,
just west of Austin. I'm an ex-butcher/market manager/and HRI meat
supervisor/convenience store chain operator. Some of these at the same

Experience: Smoking since I was a teen on anything that resembled
a bbq pit. My first job(at 11)was at a BBQ joint in North Houston.
They only let me wash the dishes, eat the BBQ, and cut the grits.
The Q was e xcellent and I took lots of notes. Started competitive
cooking last year after practicing several years cooking for parties,
special occasions, and our big yearly bash "The Q-N-Brew" hosting over
300 guest for a 2 day event on Lake Travis.

Hob bies: Q'ing, fishing and SCUBA

Married to the gracious and ever patient Miss Miki
We have 2 wonderful teenage sons.

and Ma? Well.... I kinda made her up!