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Posted by John in MD on February 11, 1998 at 06:36:09:

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name: John Busch
location: Upper Marlboro, MD (just outside Washington, DC, not far from Andrews AFB, the home of Air Force One)
Age: 55
Occupation: Supervisor in the Office of Contracts at the U.S. Information Agency.
Have lived in MD fo r +/-25 years, but was raised in Kirkwood, MO (suburb of ST. Louis) where I learned the art of grilling. Have been ardent outdoor cooker since. Have been bbq-ing for 15 years or so.
Equipment: None (at the moment). My 15 year old CharBroil CB-940 "died" a few weeks ago, and I'm anxiously trying to decide which Klose Pit to replace it with. Decisions, decisions.
Hobbies: Cooking (French, Italian, "down home," it doesn't matter), Que-ing, of course, trying to keep track of a dwindling wine col lection (mostly French and California), and Bluegrass music, especially Gospel.
I have been married (2nd time for both) to Judy for 20 yrs as of next April 7 (she keeps gently reminding me).
I especially enjoy this forum and have learned tons. I T hank everyone for their contributions and willingness to share.
Good Que-en' On Ya' John