Re: Who, Where and What

Posted by SaySeeBone on Oct 24, 2000

Name: Jeff Zupa
aka: SaySeeBone

Married: Yes/Amen. Wonderful wife and two great children.
Age: Better than 40.
Residence: Gold Coast of Long Island.
Occupation: Executive Recruiter (Headhunter).
Barbecuing experience: Fifteen plus years. I learn more each day from the
forum, people I speak to and the contests I attend. And I'm learning about
more than just outstanding cooking....camaraderie, friendship and generosity
are all integral facets of the barbecue community.
Certified Master Judge
Current Equipment: Bushrod's BRS 150, Weber Smokey Mountain and an MHP-WNK.
Equipment Wish List: Klose Fajita Grill, Pellet Cooker and a Jedmaster.
Hobby: As my good friend Sheepdog put it. This is it. Whether it is at home
or on the road. Many thanks to all.