Re: Who, Where and What

Posted by Robertlh on February 12, 1998 at 20:40:09:

I am - Robert Hahn, 37, from Garden City, KS; divorced; 3 wonderful
children - 2 with me and one with maternal grandparents; Lieutentant
with Sheriff's Office (17 years) managing Records and Civil
Divisions and computer system (IBM AS/400 mini-c omputer). Farm with
brothers holding family farm together since fathers retirement and

Qing experience - zero, but interested in learning all I can and
giving it a whirl; I'm one of your lurkers/gawkers. Comptemplating
trying our "farmer" skills and building a "unit" - baling wire,
pliers and a cresent wrench - I can see it now!!!!!!!! (Oh, don't
forget the duct tape :) ) I do have a Masterbuilt 7-in-1 but have
never used to smoker feature.

Hobbies - 1) Love to grill steak, burgers, etc and do a lot of deepfry -
turkey, fish, mountain oysters, etc.
2) Cooking in general - hire out to cook banquets, weddings,
etc. - nothing fancy but a hearty meal of meat, potatoes,
vegetable, etc. or a deepfry feast (providing the
beverage is furnished by the host :)
3) Collecting coffee mugs