Who, where, what

Posted by catherinem on February 23, 2001 at 20:05:58:

Hey, Ray. I didn't know about the rogue's gallery until I read a post here. Here's my info. Thanks for all the work you do on this wonderful bbq community board.

I am Catherine. Wife of Mark, a soon-to-be-lawyer (no jokes, he worked four long years for this!) and mother of Noah, an 8-year-old besotted with Pokemon.

I am a newspaper editor.

My journey to Que-dom: I spent 12 years in North Carolina and ate a lot of bbq. Then moved to Reno, NV., where I was invited to judge the Best in the West rib cook-off because of my newspaper "celebrity" - very loosely termed, believe me. Judged for four years. Then moved to Nashville, TN., where I was invited to judge the Jack Daniel's (again, the "celebrity" thing). This is where I started to see the light. Previously, didn't know anything about KCBS or the BBQ community. Since then, I've judged various contests, gone to KCBS BBQ school and just recently started "smokin' my own" on first an ECB and now a WSM.

I'm completely hooked and plan to spend many years perfecting my backyard craft and realizing how far I have to go every time I judge a contest and see what the pros dish up.

Also, I'd love to have a BBQ handle on the forum, but I can't think of a good one.