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Submitting Your Web Pages to Search Engines


This is perhaps the best known of the SEO steps, partly because you see so many advertisements for bulk submission to hundreds, or even thousands of Web sites. These services stay in business because people are attracted to the promise of a single-click, silver bullet solution. Unfortunately, submission is only one part of the process, and a minor one at that. Most of the sites on these bulk submission lists are not search engines at all, but simply scripts designed to gather names and e-mail addresses from unsuspecting search engine marketers. Only a relative handful of search engines command enough traffic to be worth promoting to.


Submissions can be done by hand or via a submission tool. We use a very supplicated submitting program that automatically submits to some search engines.  This tool is very search engine friendly and as closely as possible emulates the manual submitting process to search engines.  it can help prevent you from making common mistakes like over submitting, submitting non-existent pages, losing track of what you have already submitted, and so forth. It also gives you estimates regarding how long it currently takes to get indexed at each engine, and when re-submission is recommended. Once you build some third-party links to your Web site, most engines like Google will re-spider your pages regularly without the need to re-submit.

The monthly reports we supply to you are very important in this process.  When you receive these reports it clearly shows how the process is working.  Once we obtain position on a search engine we do not re-submit unless we are falling badly in the rankings.  Yes, that is true, just because you obtain a good position it doesn't mean you will retain that good position.

If your not showing good on a certain search engine then we need to, tweak the page and submit again until we achieve the desired results.


Sample Search Engine Reports

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